Hey there, Momma!

Are you ready to experience a radiant, joy-filled postpartum?   

Good. Because that's exactly what we help people do around here. 


This space was created with you in mind- a place for you to take a load off, stay awhile. We want you to feel Amazing. Astounding. Inspired. Because, in fact, you SO are. You deserve an incredible season of rest, connection, and nourishment after childbirth, and we're determined to give you the tools to get there. 

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Community

We need each other, mama. It really does take a village to raise a child. Actually you raise the child. We’ll be the village that keeps you on your child-raising, soul-nourished A-game after childbirth. We’ve got some wonderful ways to connect. Ready to jump in? Let’s go:




  • Information 

Like, real information. The kind you won’t find anywhere else, except maybe in awkward conversations with your OB.  All the stuff no one wants to talk about but is just the reality of your situation—we're here for you. 


  • Resources

Everything you need to set yourself up for success, whether you are a new momma, a new-again momma of many, or are awaiting a baby right now. We’ve got you covered.



The Library


  • Awesomeness 

General brilliance and fabulousness and fun. Celebrating you and all of your post-baby glory. You are truly heroic, and we are here to remind you about it. Constantly. 


What if I have Postpartum Depression?

We’re so glad you’ve found us.  While we are about preventing postpartum disorders more than treating them (mental health is not our area of expertise nor focus), we have links to excellent resources online and in person for you. We vet all of our recommendations carefully to make sure that you’re getting the best possible care available. Need some of that?

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Need MorE?

So, who created this slice of internet heaven for the Mommas?

Glad you asked, friend. Jes Mejia is the founder of My Peaceful Postpartum, a Certified Professional Midwife, Labor Coach, Birth Educator and wannabe homesteader (think 4 semi-failing fruit trees and a couple chickens). Third person aside, I started this thing because I seriously love women and completely agree with Bey on this one thing only: Girls really do run the world. 

I think mamas are the strongest warriors out there, and are truly beautiful, brilliant, and influential people. After hearing one-too-many “postpartum was the worst thing ever” stories (and experiencing postpartum twice myself), I've become passionate about changing the postpartum scene, and specifically giving mommas the tools they need to experience a radiant, nurtured, and life-giving season after childbirth. This thing needs to look good on us, for our sake and the sake of our families. And I am crazy passionate about helping you make that happen.

I am your front-row-of the roller coaster friend, waiting for you to strap in so we can scream and hopefully laugh our way through this thing. 

It’ll be a ride either way….let’s make it a good one.

Let's be pals, yes? 

adjective post·par·tum \ˌpōs(t)-ˈpär-təm\. medical : relating to or happening in the period of time following the birth of a child.

Nourishing Baby  +  Nurturing Self