10 Great Postpartum Date Ideas

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I remember the first time my husband tried to plan a date for us after our first baby. At the last minute, he thought we'd come home, baby would go down peacefully and we'd have a nice candelit dinner together.

Two hours of baby-screaming later, we were no closer to any kind of dinner, much less candlelight and romance.

Kids can be a serious damper on romance and marriage, but especially around around the baby season, things change in a thousand unexpected ways.  Intentionality is the name of to game when working to keep the romance alive. And these fool-proof date ideas are just that. All of these can help bring some spark and are inexpensive, whimsical, and super-quick to put together....Just give yourself some time to get that baby to sleep.

1. Classic Movie Night 

What You’ll Need:

Favorite Take-Out. Grab the menus and phone numbers to your favorite restaurant(s)- Having a few options on hand will allow you to repeat this date with a slightly different twist and no effort at all.

Pillows and blankets for snuggling

A Featured Presentation. This is your time to catch movie you've been wanting to watch, or you could pick a theme! Here are a few ideas to start you off:

  • Cult Classics (Princess Bride, Never Ending Story)
  • True Classics (Star Wars, The Godfather, Rocky)
  • Oscar Night (Any Movie that’s ever won best picture is up for grabs! Get the list here)
  • Classical (The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Rogers & Hammerstein)
  • Throwback to your favorites from the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s.
  • Choose your favorite actor and find their oldest movie

BONUS: Classic Movie Snacks: Boxes of Candy, Glass Bottles of Soda, Striped Bags of Popcorn, you can even print out cute movie tickets here.

2. Dance & Romance

What You’ll Need:

Great Music. Bonus if these songs are special to you two)

Space for dancing. It doesn’t have to be large unless you love to breakdance.

Moodlighting. Light some candles, or dim the lights. Want to add bling? Grab a disco ball. 

BONUS: If you have the energy and want to amp up the fun, turn on a youtube instructional of the dance style of your choice (tango, salsa, etc). Or you can find a fun dance from So You think You can Dance or a favorite movie and try to replicate it. Adjust moves as necessary for your stage of birth recovery.

3. Game Night

What You’ll Need:

Bring out the board games!

Great Snacks

BONUS: decide on a few prizes (favorite candy, favors, whatever) and have them at the ready for the winner. (Getting sexy with prizes is great too…)

4.    Spa Day

Ok, so it's not a whole day. But you can still make it amazing!

What You’ll Need:

Foot Soak: Either a massaging foot soaker or just a basin with Epsom salt and Essential Oils

A few massage therapy techniques or a massager (simple or electric) and oil

Chilled cucumber slices- to refresh your eyes!


Calming music (The "Calm Meditation" station on Pandora is a great choice)

Brew up some tea, grab some muffins or mixed nuts and dim the lights.

Soak, relax, read, or just talk and connect.

5. Camp Out

What you’ll need:

Fire: try a Fire table or small campfire

S’mores: To make them fancy use mini donuts instead of graham crackers and favorite candy bars instead of chocolate

Hot Drinks if it's cold outside. Ditto cold drinks during the warm months. I'm a firm believer that having the right drink in hand makes all the difference.

Sleeping bag or blankets

Head outside for a night under the stars! If it's cold-- well, that's what the fire (and the cuddling) is for!

6. Pool Party

So, not exactly a pool party, but something much more wonderful!

Head to a hot tub at a hotel. Many hotels offer the use of their pool and hot tub for a nominal fee.

Put together a candlelit bubble bath. Bath Salts, Cooling Eye Mask, Lavendar, and peaceful music (Link shower speaker)- done.

7. Coffee and Love Letters

Simple but oh so romantic!

What You'LL Need:

Favorite coffee or tea

You can be fancy with craft paper, glitter, pens and stickers, or just get out some plain writing paper.

Create and write love letters to one another! Some ideas to get you started:

  • Write about fun memories you have of when you first met
  • Write about what you appreciate about him as a father
  • Reminisce about your wedding/honeymoon and all the things you love about the two of you
  • Write about the ways he’s grown as a husband since you’ve met.
  • Ask him questions about himself

When you're done, exchange and read the letters.

STRAPPED FOR TIME? Write your letters beforehand and read them to each other for your date.

8. Cuddle Kit

What you’ll need:



Blankets and Pillows

A romantic movie or book

Lots of Candlelight

Create a cozy space somewhere in your house with the above tools. The point here is to get cuddling. Take note: The idea here is not to end with sex. If it does, all the better. But this is about connecting without pressure for any certain ending.

9. Stargazing/Picnic on the roof

What you’ll need:

A Clear Night

A Blanket -or three, if it's chilly

A (safe) rooftop – or just head outside (the grass will do just as well)

A small, easy picnic. Takeout and wine will suffice. Or just wine.)

Enjoy the great outdoors and get some quality time with your love- just don't forget to bring the monitor with you

10.  Sundae Funday

Because everyone needs some comfort food.

What you’ll need:

Ice cream or favorite frozen dessert

All the toppings. Seriously. Go all out here. Do not scrimp. Growing and bringing forth a human child is dessert- worthy. As is celebrating time with your love. Feel no guilty feelings. Calories and protein are good for your milk supply.


Without planning, at-home ‘date nights’ can quickly turn into paying bills and silently watching TV. So grab whatever supplies you have on hand and the other half of your parenting team, and make a date of it in five minutes flat.