10 Perfect Gifts Every New Mom Wishes You Would Give Her

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Gather round, Happy Congratulators. Today we share a secret long held by your polite and grateful new mom friends. 

Here we go:

Baby can only use so many blankets. Or onesies. Or cute outfits. And although no doubt there is more cute stuff to be purchased than any one baby could possibly need, the only thing that baby really needs (or wants, for that matter) is its momma.

The mother of this well-supplied child, on the other hand, needs some love from you, dear friend/relation/sisterwife. This whole childbirthing and newborn care/recovery stretch is just the most intense season ever, whether she’s done it before or is brand new to the mommy game.  Any love you bring her is really a win for the whole family, so go ahead and try out a few of these ideas to become MVP of Baby Visiting. 


1.     Sushi and chocolate

Food, ya'll. And not just any food. Grab her favorite takeout and dessert. No dieting worries here (unless baby is sensitive.) Give this momma the food that makes her heart sing, and you will seriously change the day.

2.     Postpartum spray

Everyone who has given birth needs this magical happy spray. It’s great for cesarean scars too. 

3.     A comfy bathrobe

Or a kimono. Is there a woman who doesn’t need comfy pretty things to robe herself in after birth? No, dear visitor. There is not. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

4.     Ditto cozy pajamas & warm socks

Sizing can be tricky, but be sure to get a large enough (or better yet, adjustable) size. An elastic waistband or tie-waisted pair of pants counts as adjustable here.  

5.     Beautification

Gift your mom friend with a manicure, pedicure, highlights, a nursing scarf, a teething necklace, a favorite scent or lotion, a beautiful outfit that fits and flatters her current body… It may sound shallow, but think about this: When your body is torn up and you can barely recognize yourself in a mirror, there is something grounding about remembering that you are, in fact, a woman, and it helps incredibly to be reminded that you can and will feel beautiful again. It’s kind of a big deal.

6.     Groceries

A quick stop at the grocery store for you means making a new moms week by feeding her family. Healthy snacks, breakfast foods, quick lunches, whatever. Stick with staples and things that are quick to prepare, or just ask her partner what the family eats. Food is a love language during times like these. 

7.     A massage

A gift certificate is great. Or heck, bring a therapist with you. Gift of the century. 

8.     Whatever she needs that she didn’t get at the baby shower

There may be something mom really needs but didn’t receive. Do the work to find out what she’s missing and take the extra step of getting that thing so that mom doesn’t have to. Awesome friend award goes to you.

9. Run the errands

Ask if you can run to the store before you come, and pick up the tab for whatever she needs you to bring. 

10.  Sleep

Sleep, loved one. Sleeeeeep. Let this woman sleep- during your visit. Take the kids, take charge of the house, and clean it while she sleeps. Best. Gift. Ever.


Hope these 10 ideas help you when you’re ready to visit that new mom.  Stack a few of them and you seriously may not be allowed to leave, your momma friend will adore you so.