10 Perfect Playlists for a Peaceful Postpartum

Music can be a healing and important part of your post birth journey. It can help you recover, help baby sleep better, and validate your experience. It can provide a soothing background to a chaotic time, or it can offer you the space you need to cry, to breath, or to get baby to sleep.

Here are some lists you'll love for this season- and some that are guaranteed to be new to you!

1.     Happiest Baby on the Block

Happiest Baby on the Block is a fantastic book (Ok, what desperate new parent has time to read an entire book? But the DVD and concept are fantastic, and worked like a charm on my first.) And the Happiest Baby Tracks are pure magic when it comes to getting sleep- not only for babe, but also for you. Find them on iTunes or Amazon.

2.     Tim Janis

Sweeping, epic, beautiful- and relaxing. Tim Janis’ symphonic music will transport you to another world while you sit on your couch holding that precious babe. Find it on Pandora or my favorite album here.

3.     Hawk Henries

I heard Hawk Henries while walking around a gift shop in Quebec, and immediately went to buy his album. Which I never do. His music is stunning- immediately peaceful, ethereal, and total spa. You need this in your new baby life.

4.     David Nevue

If you love worship music or even classical hymns, David Nevue might be right up your alley. His classical piano renditions of well-known worship songs are spectacular, calming, and perfect for a peaceful, worshipful atmosphere.

5.     Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy’s voice is like liquid gold. Most of her stuff is covering classics in beautiful, lilting tones. Pick up everything she’s got.

6.     Diana Krall

Need something peaceful and jazzy and a little romantic and kind of wonderful? Look no further. Great wind down music- especially paired with a glass of wine and a foot soak.

7.     Calm Meditation

Here’s what I need you to do: Turn on Pandora. Type in Calm Meditation. Breathe in peace. Breathe out stress. Repeat.

8.     Selah

If you're in need of peaceful, worshipful music with astounding vocals and gorgeous harmonies- this is everything you're wishing for. Selah sometimes brings tears to the eyes- in the best way.

9.     Madeleine Peyroux

When you just want to get away- maybe to the south of France... transport yourself there with this gorgeous and relaxed playlist.

10.  Sara Groves

If you love a song for every situation, Sara Groves is your artist. Sara is a poet whose lyrics are stunning, her songs simple, gorgeous artwork. She's a mom, and much of what she sings about - marriage, children, and all of the beautiful, messy, complicated parts of loving- are a journey waiting to be taken.

Pick up any of these artists and enjoy the perfect soundtrack to your postpartum! 

What's your soundtrack for motherhood? Share your favorites below!