18 Tips to Look and Feel Great in Postpartum

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Remember getting dressed in the morning fully expecting to not be spilled, leaked, or vomited on before changing into PJ’s that night? When the choice was “What feels pretty today?” instead of “which clothing will I not get mad about when it gets ruined?”


Fashion was a thing, once. And then….kids. Expectations have lowered, friends. With this constantly fluctuating body size, small people who vomit and spill more than their body weight in a day, and all the fairly gross tasks that are required to keep these littles alive, it’s necessity to wear some pretty specifically versatile clothing.

On the other hand, we over here are still women, and what woman doesn’t want to look great? Here are a few quick tips to help you feel cozy, lovely, and fabulous after baby.


WEEKS 1-4: 

1.     Get dressed. 

In all of the cozy things. Because it feels good to wear clean clothes, and being clean is like an exercise in tenacity for the first week or so after birth.

2.     Layer yoga pants under the bathrobe.

In case of visitors. This totally counts as getting dressed.

3.     Speaking of bathrobes, definitely own one.

You need to own and wear that bathrobe proud in postpartum. Except when you are sweating it out right after birth. Then wear almost nothing because all the clothing will be WAY too much.

4.     Extra points for kimonos, silky robes, and house dresses

All count as fashionable postpartum wear, and many extra points given for sexy. 

5.     MUMU’s are totally acceptable wardrobe staples.

This one comes in a  variety of solids. Or if you choose one like this, you might just feel like a queen.  

6.     Ice Pack Underwear.

Built-in options are hard to come by; in the meantime there are these. You can also do these disposable unders, which are phenomenally comfortable and can hold an ice pack (or pad) on their own. And for a bit of comfort and extra protection, period panties are fantastic. 

7.     Compression

You may need compression socks (especially if you’ve got varicose veins). And no harm done if they’re adorable.


WEEK 1-Onward:

8.     Invest in some really comfortable bras.

Get properly measured, fitted, and give your girls some love. The three of you deserve it.

9.     A belly binder.

Besides helping you fit and feel great in clothes, belly binding gives needed support to help aid your recovery after birth. The gentle pressure of a belly band can be calming, and it can even increase oxytocin! You can opt for something simple, or get a multi-piece so you have options like the one I used-- I'm pretty happy with it. 

10.  If you are a babywearing mama, try this.

Game. Changing. And bonus, straight up skin-to-skin contact without having to be mostly naked. This particular shirt tends to be on the short side, so you may want to pair it with a belly band.  If you want a little more coverage with only a thin layer of material between you and baby, there's this option too. 

11.  Maternity wear, maternity wear, maternity wear.  

Maternity clothing is not just for pregnancy, friend. Own it. Love it.

12.  Comfy pajamas. Or Pretty Nightgowns. Or both.

13.  AND yoga pants.

Whether or not you love yoga. Yoga pants make the postpartum world a better place. 


WEEK 4-Onward:

14.  Invest in at least one “I feel gREAT wearing this in public’ outfit

....AND one dressy outfit for each of your sizes from pregnancy to your goal size after birth.It's important to feel beautiful, or at least not feel like you are trying to shove yourself into a child’s wardrobe throughout the 2-year or longer shape-shifting process. Having clothing that looks and feels good is important in making peace with your beautiful postpartum body.  

15.  All the shirts for the first year must meet THe  breastfeeding top requirements.

16.  Things that make you go ‘oooh.’ 

There’s really not much about postpartum to make you feel sexy and beautiful, so having a few pieces that make you feel lovely is important. Think outside the clothing box- jewelry, a new pair of shoes, a new haircut- anything that makes you feel confident and beautiful. I am personally loving these anklets right now.


17.  Turn the love on.

Your body may have shifted- possibly permanently- in ways you didn’t expect and don’t necessarily love. The sooner you find your new hottie body beautiful, the sooner you’ll feel empowered and sexy again. (And trust me-postpartum sexy can be hard to come by; go ahead and give yourself all the help you can get by loving your new look.)

18.  Be good to yourself.

You have just produced a human. You are stunning and powerful. Try not to compare the size of your good self to the size of the woman you were before building another person inside your body. Forget the pre-baby skinny jeans (overrated, seriously) & make health and wholeness the goal, not a specific size or weight. 


Using the tips above can make it easier to get dressed and feel beautiful without the drama and decision fatigue that you just don’t have time for as a new mom.  You are beautiful, no matter your season or what you wear. Put these points into action to feel as cozy, comfy, and gorgeous as you are.

Now it’s your turn. Have anything to add to this list? I’d love to hear in the comments below!