5 Stress-Free Ways to Capture Baby's First Year

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Ever experience Creative Meltdown while scrolling Pinterest? Even on a really good day, the collective creativity of the entire world can feel just a touch overwhelming to the average woman. Times that by 1000% when you've got a brand new babe and a birth-weary body to care for, and no time for nonsense. If you want to have record of these first precious days but you just cannot with setting up an entire modeling shoot every week, check out these five super-simple ways to make an adorable log of baby's first everything. 


Vlogging often conjures up images of Youtube families filming themselves eating dinner and pranking their kids. Not so much here. Grab your smart phone every day and record something. A few ideas: Same location every day, so that if you ever want to put the videos together at a higher speed you can literally watch the baby grow. Same with the outfit. Always record the date, time, and anything new that baby is doing, and especially- record a few words about how you’re doing (I’m a big believer in this. These foggy days slip by SO quickly and it is beautiful to have record of what you were thinking, feeling, and working through in your baby season.)

Baby Book or Journal

There are myriad options for traditional baby books. OR you can grab a basic journal or smash book and a polaroid camera, and take five minutes a day or week to a) write a note to baby b) jot down the milestones baby is accomplishing c) record your thoughts and feelings, the good and bad. Add pictures and cute cards from grandma as you see fit. 

Chalkboard or Letterboard 

A twist on the traditional sticker option, chalkboards and letterboards are an adorable option to prop baby next to and let the world know the stats about your precious little one. 

Large Stuffed Animal 

Photograph the baby each month in the same location next to something sizeable- an oversized stuffed animal is always great choice, but you can also use a favorite armchair, a piece of clothing he or she will eventually inherit (think dad's varsity letter jacket) or even take the shots with older siblings or yourself. If you do this for years, you have collage of photos marking the growth of babe- and maybe a special teddy bear for your kid to love.


Services that let you order photos off of your phone or Instagram account and send them automatically make it super easy to record baby’s life- just remember to snap at least one photo a day, and grab an album to add them to!  Freeprints.com also offers photo books, and they're super easy to create and order-- or you could catch a Groupon for a photo book and do the same. 

As much as we'd all love to be Queenie Liao, few can hack that level of commitment to new babe photography.  But one way or another, you'll want to have record of the days that time will definitely forget (sleep deprivation does it to the best of us). Choose something that feels manageable for you, set an alarm on your phone to remind you, and take a quick snapshot of time. You'll thank yourself in years to come. 

How do you record baby's first year? How much time do you spend on it?