52 Things You can do Right Now to make Postpartum Awesome

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Ever feel like you're screaming inside? Been there. This part of motherhood- the part where the pressure and exhaustion and stressors are too much and you REALLY NEED A BREAK but haven't had a second to yourself in a year- it means you really need a second to yourself. A year is way too long. And you can have one, whether you have two minutes or entire day to escape. Read on for 52 quick escapes that can help you right now.

  1. Take deep breaths. Inhale for a count of eight. Hold for eight. Exhale for eight. Repeat. 
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea. Or cocoa. Or coffee. Then this: Actually drink it. No reheating it in the microwave four times. If you need an RTIC to accomplish this, so be it. 
  3. Journal.
  4. Read your favorite book for five minutes (Set a timer). 
  5. Flip through a magazine.
  6. Light a candle.
  7. Do a five minute pick up. Choose a room (the one that the mess bugs you most), set a timer, and go at it. 
  8. Take a shower.
  9. Diffuse Clary Calm, Elevate, or Serenity
  10. Give yourself a pedicure (or have someone do it for you.) This is what friends are for.
  11. Brush and style your hair.
  12. Wear your bathrobe all day. On purpose.
  13. Watch a movie. Use noise canceling headphones (if it's safe to do so)  
  14. Listen to the Calm Meditation station on Pandora.
  15. Get dressed.
  16. Pin encouraging and inspirational quotes on Pinterest
  17. Use a Spoonk Mat.
  18. Pray. Write down your prayers.
  19. Write about your birth experience. Especially if it was difficult or traumatic.
  20. Call a friend.
  21. Give yourself a screen break. Get away from screens for at least five hours- better yet, the whole day. 
  22. Take a walk outside. 
  23. Put on makeup.
  24.  Do a yoga class. Youtube has a bunch of offerings if you don’t have other access to yoga- just type in 'postnatal yoga'.
  25.  Watch a sunrise. (With that wide-awake baby, if needed).
  26. If you have window access, crawl out and sit on the roof (safely, of course.)
  27. Text thank you’s to all of your friends for the gifts, and cross thank you notes off the list.
  28.  Meditate- look up guided meditation on Pandora
  29. Worship. Turn on your favorite worship tunes.
  30. Read Verses. Download the She Reads Truth app or First Five app for inspiration. 
  31. Write a letter to your baby.
  32. Sit outside on a blanket and look at the clouds.
  33. Set up a meal train for yourself, and post it on Facebook. (Or have a friend to do it for you.) 
  34. Treat yourself to a coffee date. With yourself or with a friend. (Note: coffee date does not have to be out of the house. Have friend bring coffee. Sit in your mumu and date while baby sleeps.) 
  35. Eat a popsicle on the porch.
  36. Put on makeup.
  37. Eat your comfort food.
  38. Turn off the news- for at least a week.
  39. Go on a moonlit walk.
  40. Blow bubbles.
  41. Make out with your husband.
  42. Fly a Kite.
  43. Bake your favorite something.
  44. Walk the mall.
  45. Connect with a moms group.
  46. Watch a grown up movie.
  47. Stretch. Here's a few good stretches for mommas.
  48. Pick wildflowers. Make a daisy chain out of whatever flowers you find.
  49. Orgasms relieve stress. Have one.
  50. Buy something beautiful. Not diamonds or break the bank craziness. I mean a bouquet of flowers. A beautiful candle. A new bra. A scented soap that makes you happy. 
  51. Stand outside and breathe deeply for two minutes. 
  52. Join My Peaceful Circle.

We mommas have a tendency to read all the good advice, want to do stuff, and never actually do it because the immediate crowds out the urgent. If you are in postpartum and you need a break-- it is URGENT (or it will be soon.) Make it immediate. Take a time out. And keep taking them.


What's the best way for you to de-stress?

Feeling like you have a few options now?