Calm, Bright and Magical | Holiday How-To's for Every New Mom

The holidays are really intense for most of the western world, but when you add a tiny baby to the mix, it all becomes a whole different level of crazy. If you're ready to regain your calm, clarity, and peace around the holidays, we're here for you. Read on for some great resources to help your season stay centered on the things that really matter. It's totally possible to have a relaxed, joyful season- get ready!

Step 1: Make space for yourself and things that matter to you. Space is in short supply these weeks- so we have to carve it out.  How to Thrive Through the Holidays will lay an amazing foundation for your perfect holiday season- check it out now! 

Need some kid/baby/mom friendly holiday activities that don't include being in loud, cold, crowded locations? These 10 Simple and peaceful ideas to celebrate the season are super low key and still tons of fun for everyone. Best of all, most of these ideas cost NO money and can work with whatever your schedule allows. Have fun!  

Planning is key to a peaceful holiday postpartum. These ten ideas- some of which will be totally new- are the perfect solution to planning your season well. If you want to holiday on YOUR terms- joyful, calm, and bright sans expectations and crazy- check out these 10 Things you can do right now to prepare for a peaceful holiday season. 

Looking to trim down the to-do list? This Quick Holiday Checklist will make sure you've got your bases covered without overdoing it. 

Last but definitely not least- if you love the Starbucks holiday lineup but breastfeeding baby is not so happy with all that sugar and caffeine- look no further. This delicious recipe brings all the peppermint mocha goodness NO sugar and very little caffeine. And it's actually healthy. Not even kidding. Win. 

Happy Holidays, Momma! 

Have a peaceful holiday season AND a new the same time.