DIY Soothing Postpartum Spray (with Free Printables!)

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Childbirth really is the gift that keeps on giving. Pregnancy aches, pains, and peeing problems aside, you get to go through labor which is awesome, followed by often weeks of recovery (read: pain) from all kinds of tissue trauma, alongside all manner of fluid expulsion for the same duration. Seriously, it's the best ever 

Assessing the damage done to your private parts after small person has exited takes a certain type of bravery in and of itself, much less figuring out how to care for all of that.

Thankfully, some of that difficulty can be alleviated with the right kinds of help. This spray is the right kinds of help, ya'll.

And I want to share a secret with you: The helichrysm oil found in here is a boss in aiding the healing of traumatized tissue. Mixed with the other ingredients, it makes for some serious soothing, cooling, healing relief. So mix this up, spray liberally on what pains you, and make your lady parts happy. (Well, not as happy as your young uninitiated lady parts were, but happier for sure. And any happiness down there is a serious win right now.)

You can also use this spray for soothing and healing your cesarean scar. Always spot test somewhere on your skin before using on your wounds, to make sure your body likes the ingredients. 

AND there is a cute label for you to download an print out, because if you need this spray then you deserve a cute label (and a million high fives, and chocolate and sushi and a massage a day. Bless you.) 



1/3 C. Witch Hazel

2 TBSP. Aloe Vera

6 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil

6 Drops Helichrysm Essential Oil

6 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 Tablespoons Filtered Water



Glass Spray Bottle  (the glass part is kind of a thing... you don't want to put essential oils into plastic because they break down the plastic and plastic chemicals can leak into your mixture or some such.) 

Awesome Downloadable Label—(Color and B&W Options Below)


Combine all of the ingredients together in the spray bottle. For extra cooling power, keep it in the fridge between uses. Use as needed, and gently shake before each use.



Color Postpartum Spray Label

Black + White Postpartum Spray Label

(A trick to getting your label to fit the bottle: in your printer settings, make sure that 'scale' is set to 100%.  Also even if you're not going to use the label you should probably download it just for quote on the back. Betty White made a contribution to society with this one.) 


Happy Healing!