How to Create A Sacred Getaway- Without Leaving Your Home

Create your own sacred getaway without ever leaving the house

In a life filled with toddler toys, laundry, and all manner of baby paraphenalia, it can be really hard to carve out space that hasn't been overtaken by kid things. Especially if you don’t live in a mansion (and even if you do…toys and small-people paraphernalia seem to magically crowd out the pretty things.)

As we’ve already covered, it’s so super important for you to recharge from this rather constant existence of child-rearing, working, saving the world. You need some space to disconnect and get away. And it's possible to have that...without even leaving the house.

How, you ask? Read on to set up your own beautiful, soul-nourishing getaway.

How do you recharge?

First things first: Figure out exactly what you'll be doing in this space, because we’d hate to see you set up a gorgeous getaway that you’ll never use. What do you need to refuel? Make a list of the things that would give you the 5 (or 20) minute timeout that you really need. Will you be reading? Praying? Journaling? Meditating? Yoga? Drinking Tea? Eating snacks? Here are some ideas to get the creativity flowing.

Choose your location

It can be a closet (preferably one with a locking door.) Or a part of a closet. Or a corner of a room. Or if you’re super lucky, an entire room (A note here: Do not hesitate to be a room hog. Babies are very small and don't technically need their own room- you do). Or outside, if you live somewhere with four-seasons outdoor weather. Just make sure it can accommodate your most commonly desired activities, and that it can be at least semi-private. Choose a space that’s accessible throughout your day, and will be accessible when you need it most. Currently my space is in the room in which my daughter sleeps—which isn't so awesome, so I moved a pack n play into her brothers room so she can nap there, leaving the space accessible through the day.
Shove furniture and tchotchkes aside, have a garage sale, buy a comfy chair- do what's needed to make room for your getaway.

Choose your lighting

Lighting is mostly everything. It can completely change a space, and additionally, adding the right lighting can actually boost your mood. On the opposite end, overdosing on blue light (Screens, LED & Flourescent Bulbs) can cause brain fog and interrupt the production of melatonin, which you need to make use of the very little sleep you’re getting. Consider what types of lights you’ll need for your chosen activities, and make sure you’ve got enough of it.

Choose your items

Including furniture. Claim a comfy chair, paint a $10 table from goodwill for a desk, or get a small lockable bookshelf (link).  get a huge beanbag or arrange some pillows and cozy blankets on the floor- use whatever you have and stake your claim to that real estate. Then gather the things that make you most calm and happy- a favorite candle, the books, coloring books, workout equipment, or whatever you may need. You may want to have a selection, or just use your corner for a certain calming technique. Your call. Gather pretty sayings and encouraging quotes, and hang them on the walls in your space. Create a space that feels beautiful and calming. 

Choose your soundtrack

This is so important because YOU HAVE KIDS. And when you're using your space while they're still in the house and under someone else's care, you’ll need to disconnect by way of silencing the noise. Be sure to have a good set of headphones and your favorite calming music readily available. (For this purpose, you can get an old-school iPod pretty cheap on eBay or Craigslist, and be sure to get a pair of noise cancelling headphones.)

Choose your snacks

The right food is oh so important. If you’ve got a way to secure it against tiny curious people, go ahead and keep a small bin of your favorite foods and tea bags in a sealed container, so there is exactly zero effort required to use your space at a moments notice.

Choose your TIME

You can always use your space when you need a time-out through the day. But if you decide when you’ll be using the space and do so on a daily basis, you’ll build a habit- and it’ll be transformative.

Guard it

If you’re not careful, this beautiful YOU space will be quickly overtaken by small people. If it’s a room or closet you can lock it up- definitely do that. If not, make sure the box of your you-items can be locked. Make firm rules around your space. You’re not being selfish- you’re being healthy. You need to get away sometimes, momma- and you are perfectly ok for insisting that this one space be kept private, just for you.

Now, sit back, relax, deep breaths....

Ok Mommas- we want to see your space! Take a photo of your sacred getaway space and post on social with the hashtag #sacredmommaspace to be featured on My Peaceful Postpartum's Instagram or Facebook feed!


How to create a sacred getaway without leaving your house