Interested In Essential Oils for Baby? Read This First

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Want to use essential oils, but not sure how or where to start? Essential Oils are awesome—and can be confusing and complicated as well. There’s all kinds of differing opinions out there about essential oil safety, uses, and the like. In this post you’ll learn how to use essential oils on baby safely, some good places to start, and trusted resources to continue your EO education.  We’ll even touch on some little-known brands that I love! If you're new to the essential oil scene, or if you're an essential oils pro but new to the baby scene- we've got you covered.

A few important things to know:

Essential oils are extremely concentrated, and reactions and sensitivities can develop.

Some research advises avoiding essential oil use until after 3 months of age, and for premature babies, three months after their due date.

After 3 months of age, the ratio should be 1-2 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil or 1-2 drops per 2 tablespoons of carrier oil.

Spot test on skin one oil at a time to watch for adverse reactions (appropriately diluted, of course). If after a few minutes no redness or irritation occurs, the oil is likely safe to use.

Always use glass for mixing and storing essential oils. Some oils can erode plastics, causing them to leach into the oil mixture.

Dilute oils every time you’re using them on little people.

A few Great Carrier Oils:

Fractionated Coconut Oil. If you need a liquid carrier oil that won’t stain, this is your jam. Can be purchased on my DoTerra site or here.

Organic Coconut Oil

Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil

Olive Oil

Always go for pure undiluted and unadulterated oils, staying away from Vegetable or Canola Oil. Use organic if possible.


  • Dilute Properly. A good rule to follow when applying or diffusing essential oils to children: If it smells strong to you, it is too strong for baby.
  • Avoid the face and nose when using essential oils on children. Applying to the feet is recommended for topical application.


  • Essential oils should never be applied undiluted (neat) to children.
  • Essential oils should never be ingested by children
  • Essential oils should never be added directly to baths. When adding to a bath, always add oils to a carrier first. 1-2 drops are more than enough for a bath. 

My Favorite Oil Companies:

DoTerra Essential Oils for their high standards and commitment to quality. This blog post from digs deep into that- It’s good reading if you’re interested in DoTerra.

Plant Therapy ( for value to quality.  They offer free shipping and some USDA certified organic oils.

Moutain Rose Herbs ( is also great for quality to price.

A Few Happy Extras:

Diffusers: I love diffusing frankincense and, during cold season, On Guard. I also recommend Serenity for those frazzled days. I like this one for the price and because it's quiet, lasts all night, and you can set the colors to change- my son loves it.

Roller Bottles: Create your own blends to carry on the go. The reviews aren't great but I have these and I love them.

Carrying Case: You may not think you'll need it, but trust me, once you start using essential oils you'll want to have your favorites with you at all times. This is a nice one, or if you don't mind refilling often, you can use an even smaller keychain version.

Glass Spray Bottles: These come in different sizes, depending on your needs. I love them for homemade hand sanitizer and room sprays.

Resources and Further Reading:

Here's a quick list of books on essential oils for babies and kids:

Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand: This is the authoritative work on everything essential oils and the textbook aromatherapists use to practice safely. This is the textbook I recommend.

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child by Valerie Ann Wormwood

Essential oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies by Stephanie Fritz

With care, you can use essential oils safely and to the benefit of you and your family.

What essential oils have you found most helpful for your kiddos?