The Quick Holiday Checklist for Postpartum

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We’ve been focusing on preparing for the holidays around here, for good reason. The holidays can overwhelm without a new baby, so with that small person, we need to make sure you're set up to thrive.  Here’s a quick checklist to get the things that must be done, done- quickly


  • Combine Birth Announcement and Holiday Card

If baby isn’t coming in time, plan a New Year announcement, and skip the holiday announcement altogether.

MAKE IT EASIER: Use the myCardLists app found in the Google App Store or in Itunes to print out all the address labels. You can import your contacts to the app and it’ll support whatever style label you’re printing on. 

EASIEST: Do an online announcement instead. Options: Post on facebook or any other social media channels that your people are on. 2) Send your people a Google Doc, use Dropbox, or send a Good Old Email. 3) Text everyone your family photo with a holiday greeting. You can even create a GIF or make it special with a variety of apps.

  • Order out for the holiday meal

Many Groceries, like H.E.B., Whole Foods, or Nugget Markets- offer pickup of a full holiday meal, made to order. Check with your local grocery, or you can order the same from Marie Callenders. 

MAKE IT EASIER: Choose a meal from your favorite restaurant! It won’t be traditional, but that’s totally cool. You can order the sides and specials from a local grocery. Dress up the table as you normally would for the same festive feel.

EASIEST: Use paper and plastic. Postpartum is allergic to dishes.

  •  Forget gift wrap

Bulk purchase giftbags and tissue paper- put it in, done.

  • Online gift shopping with direct shipping.

Pay the extra for wrapping if you want to, but this year, the box is the wrapping. It’s all good.

MAKE IT EASIER: For local shopping, ask a family member or friend to do your shopping for you. Or hire on or other local service-based websites.

EASIEST: Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) is your best friend for home-bound online shopping, with great deals from most online retailers.

  • Purchase in Bulk

Great things to have in bulk: Host Gifts, Holiday Party Contributions  (pies, wine, etc), Good White Elephant Gifts, Cookie Trays (they freeze easily).  Costco or BJ’s can be good for bulk goods, and most of the items you might need can be ordered online and shipped to your door. 

  • Trim the calendar

This will make ALL the tasks easy. Keep the things that require very little from you.
A sample event criteria:

  • Casual attire
  • No food prep
  • Baby can be along (with a place to change baby/nurse/escape if needed)
  • Last-minute bow-outs are ok (when you’re not feeling up to it) 

You CAN have a beautiful postpartum with these few adjustments. Any holidaying you don't feel up to- drop it. Without shame, without guilt, without remorse. Sit on the couch with your hot cup of tea staring at your wee babe. This is the holidays. Free of the pressure. Welcome. 

What would you add to this list?