My Peaceful Postpartum is a project and a passion because I believe moms are superheroes and that this job is way harder than any of us would have guessed before diving in. It is incredibly important to me that you receive tons of value from MPP and that you can trust where the information is coming from.

So without further ado-Here’s where the information is coming from.

I don’t post anything that I don’t feel in my very soul would be of value to you. If I don’t love it, you won’t hear about it here. 

Some of the things I may post, or post about, are as follows:

  • If I’m given free stuff to review, I’ll tell you I got free stuff when I review it. If it makes sense to do so, I may then give it away on the blog or through my social media channels. 
  • If I offer you a freebie or opportunity that I really want you to have but not created by me, I may earn a small commission from the manufacturer or company who is offering said amazing freebie. 
  • I occasionally accept opportunities to write an underwritten post, giveaway, or series. Doing so will only happen because I really need you to know about the awesomeness in that post/giveaway/series.
  • If I post a link to a product or service on the blog, I may earn a small commission from the sale of said product.  I am not much one for shopping and definitely not for overspending, so if I recommend it, it is because I think it could change your life or totally make your day.  
  • I allow third party advertisingwithin posts and in the blog sidebar. While the net is cast wide to start, I continue to filter the advertising content to suit you. I am excited for the day when each and every ad is from a company that I am passionate about that directly serves your immediate postpartum needs.

I think you, my reader, are the best thing ever. I am about protecting the love and respect between us. While I can’t please everyone all the time, I totally welcome your feedback and thoughts. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact me.


This policy was last updated September 2015.