Community + Connection + Good Soup (almost). 


My Peaceful Circle is founded on the belief that every new mom deserves good soup and a live-in massage therapist.  

Although we aren't handing out massage therapists just yet :), we are about rooting you into a joyful, vibrant community of women who are walking with you through the incredible season after childbirth. MPC is a quickly growing collective of mommas from all around the world, lending support and encouragement to one another, talking about the real stuff and offering guidance or just a listening ear. We are forming fast friendships, gaining valuable insights, and learning from one another as we go. 

Sound good? 

Here are the details....

  • MPC is a private Facebook group, so you'll need a Facebook profile to join. 
  • This group is specifically designed for women. And it is for all women: women who are currently expecting or in postpartum, older women with wisdom to offer, mothers of all ages, and those who want to become mothers.
  • There are a few guidelines and a common sense disclaimer to look over to make sure we're on the same page.  

How to Join: 

  1. Make sure you "like" My Peaceful Postpartum on Facebook. 
  2. Read through the Guidelines & Disclaimer. 
  3. Fill out the form below and submit it.  

Ready to Dive In? 

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Don't forget to "Like" My Peaceful Postpartum on Facebook in order to join My Peaceful Circle~

So excited for you to join us! This will be a beautiful ride~