Postpartum was never meant to be a solo gig.

You, new momma, are meant to be surrounded with love, encouragement, help, and good soup for months on end, before and after childbirth. And this happens-- in tribal cultures, and for hundreds of years of human history. Postpartum is treated like the sacred season of transition that it is, and every aspect of care is given to make sure new moms thrive. 

Nowadays...we have the internet. While it's not *exactly* the same as live-in, soup-making caregivers, we are creating a joyful, vibrant space that allows moms to flourish after childbirth. A place of connection, rest, nurturing, and inspiration that is a quickly growing community of amazing women from around the world. 

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If you are experiencing postpartum depression, blues, or more-- there is help, and you deserve  a better experience. Reach out here. (Not sure if that's you? Find out here.)